What is Coin ?

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{Dragonglass} is a decentralized peer-to-peer network and cryptocurrency based upon the final season airing event of Game Of Thrones. As the world's first "serious-meme" cryptocurrency, {Dragonglass} explores and represents the many striking similarities of this Game Of Thrones world or current situation of Westeros- almost eerily with our own modern day financial markets and economy. The Long Night is comparable (understatement) to our own currently ever-approaching financial bear markets. 'Winter is Coming' has turned to Winter Is Here after the longest summer ever recorded in Westeros of 10 years.. while US stocks have been and currently are in, the longest bull market ever in history also lasting 10 years...Central banks have grown lazy and asleep from their many years of unchallenged tyrannical reign, as no true contender to 'The Wheel' has existed in ages, since the doom of Valyria...until Bitcoin & cryptocurrency appeared. Freedom from central banking is now possible once again, and White Walkers are awake & afoot. Many more comparisons can & will be made, yet only revealed, through the power of meme.... in the days to come.