What is Coin ?

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Elphyrecoin is a cryptonote cryptocurrency that aims to help all opensource developers with blockchain technology through a humble but concret way of being redeemed for their work. Opensource world is an awesome place : everybody can participate and propose development enhancements, ideas, hacking, etc. Lots of well known softwares are coming from this opensource world (web servers, databases, websites, video and music softwares, picture softwares, social networks, etc.) Opensource does not mean free (no money) but most of the opensource softwares (that are placed under an opensource license, like GPL for exemple) are free (of charge). There are several ways to redeem opensource developers for their work (donation for exemple) but most of the time it's volonteer work where the only reward is the joy or the pride of having been able to contribute effectively to the development of a software or a project... Sometimes it's also expensive for the developer that has to pay for the server or some others services. It may be time to combine business with pleasure: what if the blockchain could allow opensource developers, as part of a parallel economic system, to exchange or buy services, tools, products, wouldn't it be great? This new cryptocurrency wants to focus on this idea.