What is Coin ?

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LightningCash has the same characteristics as LitecoinCash except for the following: ●Block time is one minute instead of 2 minutes and a half. ●New blockchain starting from new genesis block ●Scrypt algorithm instead of sha256 ●The premine is 1% of max supply. ●Max supply is 2 100 000 000 coins. ●The hive is active.It includes the Hive as in LitecoinCash version 16.0.4 It also includes DarkGravityWave, which is essentially a difficulty adjustment system that adjust rapidly every block. This is good for new coins as the mining community changes fast at first. It is also modified so that if there is a long stale tip, difficulty willscale down progressively, effectively protecting the coin against high hash variations.For more information read the LitecoinCash white papers available at LightningCash is not associated to LitecoinCash in any way.