What is Coin ?

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MinerCoin We apply a custom block reward to favor the miner and provide reduced staking requirements to run a service node We are aiming to create a platform to sell or buy computing power on demand using Minercoin as the currency. There is already a marketplace running (beta) that you canuse right now! The platform will be ran by the Minercoin Service Nodes. There will be 3 tiers of nodes and each will perform a different task, with the higher nodes requiring more coins and better hardware and will receive greater rewards. This will cut out having to charge fees to buyers and sellers. The only fees that will incur will be whatever it costs to send your coins across their network. That's right, 0 fees to buy or sell hashing power!! We will have a very user friendly interface with simple instructions provided so that anyone can use our platform. Dedicated devs to this project work hard and in time hope this will be one of the most used hashing marketplaces.