What is Coin ?

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Our Aim is create a lighter, faster chain by removing dust and utilising this to sustain future mining rewards, and reducing fees. Why Plenteum ? As you are probably aware, transaction fees are a contentious issue - there's uncertainty over whether fees will be enough to sustain mining long term, when emissions start to run out and there's unhappiness over how expensive fees can be, even for small amounts as fees are based on byte size, and not transaction amounts. Our idea is to utilise DUST to solve this (and the general DUST issues that exist in a number of blockchains). Our blockchain will not require transaction fees The blockchain will have a new feature called the "DustFund".... Instead of returning dust to users wallets, dust will be grouped and added to the dust fund on the chain (balance visible in block explorer) - Users can opt out of this and elect to have their dust returned to their wallets - this is done by operating the coin and base requards off 8 decimals, wher only 2 are usable. The dust fund will then be used to supliment mining rewards when the coin enters it tail emission phase, instead of fees.