What is Coin ?

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Remix to distinguish itself from Monero without disrupting it, or its community, by making slight modifications to XMR as a currency and simply relabeling and repackaging accordingly. There is No promise of the monetary moon and no promise of flawless products. We will have setbacks, and issues will occur. If you seek only economic gain, please look elsewhere. What we can offer you, however, is a group of highly motivated individuals interested in furthering privacy focused currency technologies through process driven results relative to our ongoing conversation with the community and contingent upon actual community consensus. Remix is a community driven project where development milestone selection will have community input. Community voices will be heard, and following feasibility studies and report outs, features will be either developed or deferred. We ask for any interested community members to join us as volunteers, developers, investors, evangelists, and critics, seeking to further privacy centric P2P currency technologies during the growth of this project.